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About Us

Electromatic International has been in the gaming service industry for more than 35 years with a proven track record of success. Our list of services are vast, that include in-shop repair, on-site preventative maintenance, extensive parts supply, on-site remedial service/troubleshooting, installations, moves, upgrades, conversions and changes to gaming equipment.

Working With Electromatic

Electromatic support options are far reaching, beneficial and give peace of mind that your entire game room and casino are available to your customers, 100% of the time. Working with Electromatic International will optimize business potential, capacity and realizing increased revenues.

Class III Cabinets

Vegas Slot Machines

Electromatic International offers Class III gaming cabinets. Call today to order yours. Visit our products page.



Electromatic International brings you 8 Line Shop in cordination with our ebay store. The store is in its infancy and we're adding new features and products every day.

Check back often while we build a huge selection with great prices!

Poducts & Services
Cabinets and Manufacturing
Games / PC Boards
Cashless Systems
Game Room Design
Custom Graphics
Smart Cards
Retail Supplier


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